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‘Whole range of measures’ as part of EV charging plan – Ryan

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan has said “a whole range of measures” will be rolled out as part of the national strategy for electric vehicle charging infrastructure being launched today.

Under the plan, €100m will be invested in a range of public charging infrastructure over the next three years.

The target in the now legally binding Climate Action Plan is for 30% of Ireland’s total passenger car fleet and 100% of new car registrations to be electric by 2030.

Fast chargers will be available every 60km on the motorway network.

Minister Ryan said that while there are currently 1,700 charging points in place, as well as those provided by private operators, they need to go further”.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, the minister said they will start by putting charging infrastructure into sports clubs and rolling it out in neighbourhoods.

“We will start the week after next with sports clubs around the country as it isn’t just about the motorways,” he said.

“We also need what is called destination charging and also neighbourhood charging, so in those houses where people can’t charge outside their driveway, we are working with local authorities to start using lamp posts and other mechanisms.”

The Shared Island Sports Club Grant Scheme for electric vehicle chargers will be the first practical rollout of the strategy, starting on 30 January.

Local authorities will also be given enhanced support, advice and guidance to ensure they can install chargers easily in their areas.

There will be new mobility hubs in cities, where people can charge electric cars, bikes and scooters and avail of shared-use electric vehicles.

Minister Ryan said they are also developing multi-charge high-speed chargers every 60km on the motorway network so that a car can be charged in 15 to 20 minutes.

The minister highlighted the need for a charging infrastructure in neighbourhoods as they want most of the charging done late at night because it is cheaper.

He also spoke about a community e-car sharing facility, which is already in place in Finglas in Dublin, where the local authority puts in the capability for a charging system that car-sharing clubs can use.

“That is a huge advantage, you can have access to a car without buying a car,” he said.

“It is those sorts of practical measures that we are providing €100 million for to be spent in the next three years.”

Article Source: ‘Whole range of measures’ as part of EV charging plan – Ryan – George Lee – RTE

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